Can we change the verbiage of "Request Submitted" language shown on customer quote confirmation page

OMG Akron shared this question 4 years ago

We dont allow auto booking for deliveries or game truck rentals so that a staffmember can review important details with the customer. However, the customers click "book this event", and then get the message that"Request submitted...someone will be in touch shortly". This can be confusing for some customers who assume they're going to be taken to a credit card entry page.

Can we change that text of "request submitted" language, or is that programmed into the code? I'd change it to something like "Your request to book has been received. All delivery and game truck rentals must be booked by phone. A representative will be in touch soon. Thank you"

Also, when a customer chooses to email themselves the quote from the quote confirm page, a very inconspicuous message appears below saying "email sent to: ...." Any way to make this more prominent? Or for it show at the top of the page in the green box like the above messages do? Not a big deal, but we were doing some training and it was confusing enough for sure thats why the customers end up hitting "send email" 3-4x. Not a big deal, but should make the user experience a bit smoother.

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We don't have a way to change that message yet. I'll put it on our todo list.

I've put it on our list to look at improving the sent email message.