Calemder Info request

Bryan Luster shared this question 4 years ago

I would like my Google calendar to appear with this information:

Title: Rental names

Address: Delivery address

Description: Customer Name and phone (on same line)

Email Address (on next line)

I also activated the CRM module during the free trial while in beta, and thought I read somewhere I would have at least one person I could add as worker, sales rep, etc. Cant figure out how to add.

I have been trying to figure out how to show my different Indoor parties unavaiable when someone books any other Indoor party at my facility. Basic Party, Deluxe Party, Field Trip, and Lock-in Parties are all held in one location, so if one is booked at a certain time period the others need to be unavailable. The Water Party is separate, it is outdoors during warm months and the only outdoor option. Can you show me how to?

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I've added the correct template variables to your google calendar settings.

The CRM module can be used in conjunction with the Workers Module, but it does not include the Workers Module which is how you would add additional users to the system.

We don't have a feature specifically for party centers, however we do have customers such as yourself who rent their "rooms" as inventory items. With the situation you described, you'll likely want to set up you indoor parties as parent/child items.