Automatically add an item once a certain number of tables have been met.

Donna Perno shared this question 4 years ago

To help with the logistics of running the event we need to have a person on the floor to handle any customer/guest inquiries, to make announcements of the evening rules and so on. When a person selects the tables they want to quote they don't know they need this person to help with the party and fundraising efforts. I want to know if there is a way to put in a promotion or some other format that when someone get 8 or more tables then a pitboss is automatically added to the list.

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You could create a Fee that is automatically applied in this scenario, but it would just add a fee to the event and not add an inventory item. As long as the fee is the same price as the Pit Boss it would work. You'd probably want an administrator adjusting the lead add the Pit Boss item and removing the fee at some point though. Go to Settings->Promotions & Fees to set this up.