Automated Emails for Workers

Nicki Garvey shared this idea 17 months ago
Under Consideration

I would love it if an automated email is sent out to my worker in these instances:

Worker - Canceled Event : An Event they are assigned to is marked as a Lost Sale/Cancelled

Worker - Postponed Event : An Event they are assigned to is marked Postponed

It looks like there may be an eamil (Worker -Shift cahnged) that should already do this. But I can't see where that is happening.

Canceled Lead Example ID : 4925141 - I marked it as a Lost Sale and removed my worker from the shift. An Auto-email should go out that lets him know this occurred but I can't see where in the Log it says that happened.

Changed Shift Example ID 4948717 - I changed Bill Garvey's shift from and he hasn't received an email.

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I really like this idea and see how useful it could be! I'm going to add this to our product development system as a feature request so our developers can look into adding this to IO. Let us know if we can do anything else for you!