Auto update end time on quote page

Matthew Isgur shared this question 2 years ago

We are hard-coding our event start time to 12pm for dt:Delivered on the quote request page but the end time does not update. So what's happening is someone will put through all their info, they'll choose delivery type "Delivered", the start time changes to 12 but the end time never changes so when they submit the quote it often times is more than 24 hrs, which incurs a multi day rate instead of just the 1 and we lose the customer because they think it's too expensive.

Can we auto update the end time when the start time changes? Set it to 12pm as well?


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Yes, you can put in a default end time for that delivery method in it's settings.


Can I make it that when a renter changes the start time on the quote page, it will change the end time to our default 4 hour rental window?

Example if they put 1pm as start time it will change end time time to 5pm.