Applying Customer Credit to a different lead

heather seiffert shared this question 13 months ago
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I have a customer that has 2 job sites; when they pay their invoices they send 1 check; this causes a credit on one lead and non payment on the other lead. The lead states there is a customer balance of $XX but I am not able to apply it to anything. Can I:

1. Apply a payment to a customer account and then distribute to the lead.


2. Apply a payment to a lead and then apply the over payment to another lead on the same customer account.

Currently I have been just splitting up the check manually and applying it to each lead separately but this makes my accounting a little wonky.

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The best way to remove a credit from one lead and add that credit to another would be to add a payment to the lead with a credit and note that the credit is being moved to a new lead, then add the payment to the new lead and leave a note there about which lead it came from. Let me know if you have any questions!