Adding accessories to a lead

Casey Zegar shared this idea 16 months ago
Under Consideration

When I'm editing a lead and I want to add an item with an accessory, such as a Sky Dancer with a "Jester" option, I generally do this by typing "Jester" in the search box. When I do that, it brings up "Sky Dancer>Jester" in the drop down, which I click on. However, it only adds the main item, and I still have to scroll down and select the Jester accessory. Any chance you can get this to add the accessory that we select?

Separate question: When we add a new item to a lead, why does it sometimes add it to the top of the list and other times it adds it to the bottom of the list? Not a big deal, but it would be nice if it were consistent.

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I've added this to our product development system. Joel likes the idea.