Adding a description on invoice page for an item.

Eric Aalerud shared this question 2 years ago

I'm wanting to know the standard procedure for adding a description that will show up on a customers invoice. I tried making a Accessory Item that says this and it seems to work fine for a customers invoices I want them to have a hard copy of the guidelines for these items so its not a he said she said thing. The problem that I found is that the Grouped packing list would have the accessory as an item on it even when I checked off the packing list section on the advanced features section. Which in return wouldn't be good on the grouped loading list for my employees while loading vehicles. Below are examples of what I am trying to do. Please advise me on the common practice of this. Thanks Eric

Rental Item- 20x20 Pole Tent

Tent can only be set up on grass and requires a 30'x30' area for staking purposes.

Rental Item- 15x15 Bounce House

Can be set up on Grass or a hard surface and requires a 25x25 area for install and also requires a GFI within 100' of the rental unit.

Rental Item- Globe Lights

Requires an outlet within 100' of the tent rental.

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Ok so I think that I solved the problem after doing more reasearch. What I did was input the description that i want to print on the contract in (the event rental details) section of the item. Then i put the (%rentalcontract%) in the email customer contract template. Now it shows up on the contract as I wanted and allows me to write as much as I want and there is no limited amount of letters. Also it does not show up on the Grouped packaging list section to! Please let me know if this is common practice. Attached is a image of what I am talking about.


That's a fine place to put it. Otherwise you can use the *rentalcontract* option and just remove that variable from docs you don't want to show it like the packing list it sounds.