4 Questions (Office Staff Creating Leads & Mobile Quote Page)

Ken Modeste shared this question 4 years ago

Hi IO,

I'm training new office staff for next year so I have 3 questions regarding that:

1). - Is there a way to collapse the categories when creating a lead from the admin area? (kind of like you have the ability to collapse the categories in the customer quote page).

2). - Is there a way to only show the number of available items for chairs and tables?

For example if I have 20 chairs in my inventory and 10 are already reserved for 1 lead. Then office staff is creating another lead for a customer on the phone. Customer wants 15 chairs but only 10 chairs left. Only allow staff to be able to select 10 chairs. Currently it looks like you can select an unlimited amount of chairs and then the system will tell you how many you have over booked.

3). - Anyway for a person to login to the system so I can track who created which lead? Also, only give them access to certain parts of the system (create lead only but cannot see the revenue or stats).

This Question is regarding the mobile website.

1). On the mobile website it looks like everything the customer has to fill out on the quote page is shifted to the left, (which is great), the can simply scroll down and fill in as they scroll (See "Screenshot 1 Mobile").

As the customer gets to the actual inventory it looks like the description is good but the image of the item has a big space and no longer on the screen. (See "Screenshot 2 Mobile")

They would have to zoom out a little to see the actual picture (See "Screenshot 3 Mobile").

Is there anyway to have the inventory image all the way to the left, like the rest of the page?


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1) Settings->Categories->Display Type = Expand First/Collapse All

2) Not at the moment.

3) Yes. Our Workers module for $65/mo allows you to do that and more.


4) The default behavior does this correctly. There were some styles defined on your website that were missed when building your wrapper. I've fixed it.


ok, great thank you!


I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.

the mobile quote request page still has the big gap in the inventory pictures.

It's showing like attachement 1 instead of like attachement 2


Can you clear your cache on your phone? I think it just needs to download the latest.



My bad...it looks good now after I cleared my cache!