Adding Reviews:

The last question of the customer survey asks the customer to write a review of your company. These reviews are collected here, and you can choose which reviews you want to show as "active" testimonials. If you make these active here they can show on your website as reviews. The customer's review and their overall star rating will show on your website. 

When you have your website built by us this review page will automatically be built for you and will be added to your menu.   

Adding the code to your website:

If your website was built elsewhere you can the code below to your website so that the reviews that you have chosen above will show on your website:

<!-- Start InflatableOffice Testimonials Widget-->
<div id="io_testimonials"> </div>" title="party rental software"> id="ioimg" alt="party rental software" /><script src=""></script>">">"> id="ioimg" alt="party rental software" />">">">">">"><!-- End InflatableOffice Testimonials Widget -->

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