A Special is automatically applied when the criteria is met on your lead. To set up a special you will name it, set up time periods and then select any other requirements to invoke this special. Then, you'll define what the Reward is for the customer. For example: Rent 2 qualifying items and get 10% off Rental Total. Specials are automatically applied when the requirements are met


A coupon is only invoked when the customer enters a coupon code.


Packages are only able to be added by an Sales Rep or Admin, not the customer. The Event must still meet the defined requirements in order to show as an option. 


Fee's are similar to specials, but instead of a reward, when the fee is invoked by the Requirements, a fee of a certain amount will be applied    

Common examples

Concession machine is $150 by itself, but $100 if rented with an inflatable. You will want to setup your concession machine price at $150, then create a special that says

Rent 1: (select each inflatable), Get 1 Rental: (select each concession), $50 off.

Now if you also want them to get $50 off for each concession if they rent more than one (say they rent a bounce house and 2 concessions) then you should just change the Get # rentals to 99.  

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