Multi-Location Account Overview

Multi-location accounts allow you to manage two different companies or two different warehouses of inventory within the same account. 

The main advantages are:

  • Allows you to easily see all events and report data at the same time
  • You can filter the data to only see a certain location's data
  • With worker's add-on, you'll be able to assign which worker accounts have access to which location
  • Ability to easily configure each location's email, branding, inventory, account settings, integrations, etc
  • Ability to share inventory between the two location
  • Lower cost than having separate accounts

If you are just advertising under two brands and have the same set of inventory for two areas you service, then you typically don't need a multi-location account as you can manage multiple brands another way

Managing Locations

Currently, if you need to do any of the following, you'll need to contact us:

  • Add a new location
  • Remove a location
  • Copy a location's data
  • Merge two location's data

From Settings->Warehouses/Addresses, you'll be able to see your list of locations. Note that both mailing addresses and "account locations" are listed here. 

The ones listed with a Quote and Worker link are the "account locations".

Configuring Settings

There is a drop-down on the Settings page that you use to switch between each location.

If you add a new Surface or Delivery Type or configure any setting, you'll likely need to do it for each location. Optional Fields, Statuses, and  Email Settings (SMTP and IMAP) integration apply account-wide and changes on these pages will affect all locations. Everything else can be configured uniquely between your various account locations. For example you can have separate email templates, contracts, google calendars, delivery schedules, quote pages, etc

Configuring Inventory

Inventory can be set to belong to one location, or can be shared between locations.

When editing an item, click Select Locations & Categories, and you'll be able to set which location the item should belong to (and which category for each location).

On the customer quote page, and when you are creating new leads in the system, you'll only see the inventory appropriate to each location. 

Working with Leads

When editing a lead you'll have an option to choose which location to assign it to, and it will be indicated as well near the list of rentals. 

You'll be able to filter the list of leads by typing loc: in the keyword box followed by a space. This will list all the available account locations and when you select one it will filter the list of Leads. You could also just simply type in the name of the location as well.

Once you filter the list of leads to only show a single location, you'll then be able to run any Lead Report you need to see.

Worker Access

If you also have the worker's add-on, then you'll be able to  configure which worker accounts have access to which location(s). If an account has 10 locations and the worker is only assigned to 2 of them, when they log in they won't see the other 8 locations data. In all the above screen shot examples, they'll only see the ones they have access to in the list.

When editing a worker profile you can assign the location access

On the overview screen it will also only show the locations that worker has access to. If they have access to multiple locations then they'll have the choice to filter them just like the main account does.

Transferring items between locations

If items are shared between locations, item recovery time can automatically apply when an item is rented in one location and the next event is requesting it in a different location. We also have an item transfer tool available to manually transfer shared items between locations.

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