IO Phone Integration


The goal of the phone integration is to provide your sales reps the ability to do their job more efficiently. When a customer calls in they can be automatically routed to the correct person. In addition your sales rep can have the incoming caller's info in front of them immediately without having to search for a name.

All phone call history is integrated with our CRM tab allowing you to have log of contact history and know which customers haven't been reached in a while.

Our phone system is not (yet) a replacement for a local physical phone, and you'll still need to have a cell phone or land line available that we can forward calls to.

See stats of your sales reps to verify worker performance

Phone bar is used to make calls, send texts, transfer calls, and pull up caller's lead info


We have to pay a per minute charge for your usage, and thus have to pass this cost on to you. You will be auto-charged on your billing date for your previous months phone usage at a rate of $0.03 per minute. Toll-free calls are billed at $0.01 per minute additional. For smaller companies this will likely be around $20/mo and for larger companies this will likely be around $50/mo per sales rep during busy times.

Texting is free for incoming messages and $0.03 per outgoing message segment (a segment is every 153 characters). Incoming is free.

Pricing effective 7/1/2021

Along with the launch of IO Phone v2 in Fall of 2020 we will be rolling out new pricing which will be optional until 7/1/2021. The pricing is as follows per user.

Going forward here are the charges per active users:

If a user is active on IO Phone during the billing period and does not exceed 500 minutes/100 texts they will be billed at $25 for that month.

If the user exceeds the 500 minute/100 text mark they will be billed at $50/mo and then just be on an unlimited plan for that billing period.

If the user isn't active at all during that period they will not have anything billed at all. 

Transition and Number Porting

You can either have your current phone provider forward all phone calls to a newly assigned IO Phone number or can port your number over to our phone system. Number porting can take a few days and you must contact us to initiate this process. Forwarding your phone calls can be a great way to "trial" the new system, but be aware this may not work with all phone carriers (ie Google Voice). You can always test try the system out by calling a newly assigned phone number (you'll just need 2 phones, one to dial, and a different one to receive).

Setup and Usage

Our Workers and CRM add-ons are not required to use the phone system, but they will enhance the usage of it. You'll have access to one worker profile to setup your phone numbers, but if you need more you'll need to subscribe to the workers add-on.

1. Go to Settings->IO Phone (under Integration) and order a new number (or contact us to initiate transferring your existing number over.

2. Configure your worker ring schedule

Schedule your worker's phone ringing schedule easily, set a lead filter so their phone only rings in certain scenarios (for example if they are the sales rep or only for commercial clients)

3. Configure your voicemail by clicking voicemail at the bottom.

Example voicemail ring schedule

Example voicemail configuration

4. Activate Alerts

Email alerts are sent for Missed Calls and Voicemails (Activate under Settings->Alerts)

5. Turn on worker permissions

Setting Up Voice Menu

The actual voice menu will have to be recorded under (Settings->IO Phone->settings at the top right). To set up the extensions, you can turn on extensions (Settings->IO Phone->settings at the top right->Use Extensions: Yes), then on the worker’s ring schedule ((Settings->IO Phone->Schedule button to the right of a worker) you can enter one or more extension (1, 2, 3, etc.) via the Auto-Attendant Extension(s) input at the bottom, then click save. When your IO Phone number is dialed, the customer should be prompted with their custom recording (press 1 for…, 2 for…) and after dialing that extension, they will be connected with the worker associated with that extension.

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