Vendor Updates and Optional Date Fields

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Release notes video

Overview -> Vendors now provides a snapshot of vendor activity

New Features:

  • Leads: Optional Fields now support date type which you can also use in filters.
  • Workers: Permission added to allow worker to add/edit payments
  • Workers: Permission added to allow exports/reports for customers, leads, workers
  • Reports: Vendor columns added to custom report options
  • Leads: Allowed page to expand to max browser width
  • IO Phone: Added duration to VM alert
  • Vendors: Added alert when a PO is signed
  • Vendors: Added a section under Overview for Vendors
  • Vendors: Calendar now has an option to see scheduled vendors
  • Mobile App: Improved mobile payments process
  • Mobile App: IO Phone dialer added
  • Mobile App: Can now your worker shifts when you have Lead access

Bugs fixed:

  • Quote Page: Fixed issue where duplicate accessories would sometimes get added to new leads
  • Password: Fixed the reset password link
  • Inventory: Fixed it so parent/child items now properly show up in search
  • Delivery: Fixed glitch with deleted warehouse work shifts sending emails
  • Delivery: Fixed vehicle packing list to also include main item name when packing list is defined
  • Warehouse: Fixed issues with Zip+4 messing up calculations and contact form
  • Reports: Allowed rental quantity to be summed when grouping by item name
  • Wordpress: Various updates to the io template themes
  • Wordpress: Book now button can now act the same as ‘checkout’. Requires update to io_rental shortcode.
  • IO Phone: Delays related to greetings/music have been fixed
  • Quote Page: Prevent advanced times from being outside of event time
  • Quote Page: Better errors added when auto-booking fails due to distance restrictions
  • Now pass event organization over to gateway
  • SquarePayments: Fixed glitch where surcharging wouldn’t always calculate correctly
  • Multi-Location: Fixed glitch where quick-add vendor items were sometimes assigned to all locations
  • Packages: Fixed glitch where advanced packages would sometimes be missing “Add to Quote”
  • Vendors: Made adding new vendor items less confusing
  • Vendors: Fixed glitch with advanced times not used in vendor emails
  • Filters: Due keyword now properly saves with Filter
  • Filters: Pay: < 1 now works to show all leads without a payment
  • Mobile App: General stability, bugs, and layout improvements
  • Mobile App: Can remove individual keywords from filters now

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Comments (8)


It looks like Overview > Vendors needs a permission setting added. We can't access it with regular user accounts.


I've added the permission. You'll have to enable it through the admin account for any workers. Thanks!


I'm still having problems with it: I change it to "Full access", hit save, and the permission reverts to "None".

Also, shouldn't the permission be called "Overview Vendors", in order to continue with the current organization?


Sorry. It should be working now.


What needs to be updated in shortcode?

  • Wordpress: Book now button can now act the same as ‘checkout’. Requires update to io_rental shortcode.


Update the IO plug-in to the latest version (2.2.0 or later).I think both the io_rental and io_cart had changes. If you've made any changes to those you'll want to copy them somewhere first, otherwise, just delete both of them by dragging to the trashcan, then de-activate and re-activate the IO wordpress plug-in and it will re-create them.


I'm only seeing version 2.1.9? Also, how do i change to prevent redirecting during a quote to IO from our site.


Sorry, try it again.