Small Improvements, Big Deal

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New Features:

  • Billing: You can now upgrade your plan on smaller increments if you are slightly over the plan limit.

  • Leads: Check-all button added for statuses and auto-emails tab
  • Quotes: When a quote is submitted w/o showing price it can now be set to redirect to a new page instead of just displaying message. (When Online Quoting is off, activate Quote Acknowledgement under Settings->Pages)
  • Quotes: Long descriptions on quote page now fade to show there is more
  • Contracts: Fee line-items are now hidden if they are $0
  • IO Phone: Added some pre-recorded, on-hold music selections
  • Vendors: Can now select from multiple email templates when sending a vendor Availability Requests
  • Vendors: Can now filter Leads by vendor’s company names using keyword box
  • Multi-Locations: Can auto-select quote page based on zip: USERNAME&zip=ZIP CODE
  • Workers: Can prevent workers from modifying older events (Set on details tab of worker).
  • Mobile App: Payment surcharge now added when paying using OpenEdge mobile payments
  • Mobile App: Shift pop-up now includes more details (position, times)
  • Mobile App: Clicking phone numbers will now initiate a call via IO Phone (when enabled). If not, it will still just prompt you with your phone’s normal dialer.
  • Mobile App: Customer tipping is now possible when using OpenEdge mobile payments

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Yearly reminder emails adjusted to go out more easily in certain circumstances
  • Taxes: Improved auto tax calculations for Canada
  • Taxes: Discount line items are now taxed by default
  • Vendors: Fixed new quotes to always select non-vendor items over vendor items when available
  • Conflicts: Fixed issue where conflicts weren’t always showing when editing a lead
  • Logging: Improved the log tab for fee line-item changes and shift changes
  • Printing: Improved printing layout from quote confirmation page
  • Rentals: Added rental notes pop-up when editing a lead
  • Rentals: Accessories on a lead not attached to another item will now print correctly on templates
  • IO Phone: Fixed delay issues with on-hold music
  • IO Phone: Outbound calls from a multi-location account will now use the proper location’s phone number
  • Wordpress: Improved compatibility with custom wordpress themes
  • Optional Fields: New leads now correctly show the custom fields
  • Optional Fields: Can now change the default name of Distance, Staff, and Discount
  • Optional Fields: On custom fields, always displays Yes/No when using a checkbox
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue with category changes not pushing to website
  • Leads: Trimmed spaces on search form
  • Leads: When saving a copy of a lead, cc surcharges are no longer copied
  • Rentals: Improved ‘Add a child’ search
  • Mobile: Fixed issue with inactive items being removed from Leads
  • Square: Fixed auto-renewal of tokens
  • Quote Form: Fixed bug with fees being removed when upsell used
  • Payments: Improved loading time on contract page when surcharging enabled
  • Filters: Fixed issue where qp: filter not matching if page title changed
  • Reports: Allowed sales reps to be grouped on report charts
  • Taxcloud: Fixed issue with negatives always being taxed
  • Vendors: Improved behavior of vendor PO emails
  • Vendors: Fixed vendor tab when categories are off

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Comments (5)


Just a quick note about the long descriptions feature. When there's a long description and you click on the text to expand, it actually shrinks it first. It isn't until you click again that the text area expands. Is this by design?


I've fixed it for you Matthew.


Thank you!!!


Has the quickbooks issue be solved.


Antjuan, I believe you are referring to previous issue that wasn't a bug on our software, but rather an issue you were having getting the Web Connector to sync properly after updating some software on your computer. If this issue still persists, please email us with some more details.