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Joel Aemmer shared this announcement 4 months ago

Future Changes:

  • Major Revision: We are still hard at work on our software refresh. Let us know if you are interested in beta testing. ETA: End of 2019
  • Subscription: Sales tax will be added to your subscription payments (definitely for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan customers, not sure yet who else). ETA: Fall 2019

New Features:

  • Security: We’ve added several extra security layers with this release to continue maintaining a highly- secure hosting environment for your data.
  • Wordpress: Permalinks are now always used on page updates and not the page id

Bugs fixed:

  • Emails: Fixed some issues with yearly reminders occasionally sending at wrong time
  • Wordpress: Fixed issue with multi-page items not being listed in some circumstances
  • Wordpress: Customer IP now passed through when server is running through a proxy server
  • Conflicts: When a structure item has parts in maintenance the conflict checking now works better
  • SMS: When using the resend button on a lead, it will now re-send it as a text and not an email for texts
  • SMS: Worker texts are now sent using your IO phone number and not a shared number
  • CRM: Last contact now updated when sending an SMS
  • Surveys: Loading speed improvements made for large accounts
  • Locations: Optional fields now properly load on new leads even before selecting a location
  • Locations: Fixed IO Phone log duration totals

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Thank you IO for the update, you guys sure are Amazing! Have a wonderful rest of the day.