Reduction in Duplicate Leads

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Release Notes Video:

New Features:

  • Quote Page: Improved behavior of customers creating duplicate quotes. Now the system will just update their last quote instead of creating a new one. You can configure behavior under Settings->Online Quoting. If you set this to 0, the behavior will be the same as it previously was. If the lead is in non-quote status they will not be able to edit it.
  • Quote Confirm Page: Removed customer’s edit button if that lead is in non-quote status.
  • Quote Page: Added option for email marketing consent (support for GDPR and CASL). Settings->Optional Fields
  • Contract Page: Added a ‘sign now’ button on the signature line of unsigned contracts
  • Optional Fields: You can now easily create drop-down lists on leads/quote pages. Set Type to ‘Select’
  • Optional Fields: Flat fees for delivery method and surface are now available for the auto-recalc option.
  • Wordpress: You can now have multiple quote pages integrated on the same website.
  • IO Phone: Can now configure caller ID on incoming calls to your phone to show company number or customer number
  • Vendors: You can now set them to be taxable by default for newly created items. Settings->Payment Options
  • IO Phone: Added voicemail transcription notes to CRM tab

Bugs fixed:

  • Leads: Auto-recalculated fees will now be auto-added to a lead if they aren’t already on there
  • Wordpress: Fixed adwords integration to properly pass adwords flag on new leads
  • Emails: Fixed several auto-emails to work properly when multiple reminders were created
  • Calendar: Improved the availability list in the “Day View” for parent/child items
  • Payments: Fixed erroneous payment errors on contract tab when recharging is enabled but not used
  • Mobile: Fixed availability checker for structured items
  • Square: Added support for multi-location square accounts
  • Emails: Prevent event reminder email from going out if contracted status isn’t reserving inventory
  • Promotions: Fixed issue when qualifying for multiple specials not always picking the best one
  • Wordpress: Fixed io-yellow theme’s homepage to use testimonials integration
  • Wordpress: Fixed io-original theme’s menu styling and toggle

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Voicemail transcription is amazing and the IO Phone caller ID configuration is PERFECT FOR ME! If it works the way I think it does we can finally leave stupid RingCentral behind!


great release. I am not seeing the sign-now one the same line though, on my contracts? example lead 3480123


I adjusted your template a little so it looks better for you.


Still not seeing it?2ed03efd704bbb3574d663260dd41c96


It shows at the bottom:6d6e50e2ef4a7806c68663a3b80271f9

1 i understand what the update did. great thinking...i just never look down there haha