Load IO Pages and Stay on Your Domain in WordPress

InflatableOffice shared this announcement 1 year ago

New Features:

  • WordPress: Customer pages can now stay on your site instead of redirecting to InflatableOffice
  • Alerts: New alert for when and admin puts a payment on a lead
  • Alerts: Workers that request off can now get an alert when someone takes their shift
  • Quote Page: You can now show pictures of accessories by default when a rental item is clicked
  • IMAP: Now showing last error when setting up integration
  • Filters: Filters on the leads page now show you where they are used when you select them (ex. emails)

Bugs fixed:

  • Conflicts: Fixed issues where routing was showing conflicts when it should not
  • Vendors: Fixed issues of incorrect vendor documents being sent to vendors and auto-complete bug
  • Leads: Fixed issue of accessories not being in the right order
  • Logging: Fixed incorrect logging caused by auto booking
  • Logging: Fixed issues with logging emails
  • Payroll: Fixed issue of slightly different mileage on report vs QB sync
  • Payments: Payment types sorted properly
  • ROI: Improved ROI calculations for rentals
  • QuickBooks Online: Fixed issue with payments not going in for some leads
  • Training: Fixed issue of limited text and checking correctness of multiple answer questions

Packages: Fixed issue of not being able to select accessories for packages

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Where do I find the information to embed the quote form on our website?


To use the quote pages built into your Wordpress site, you need

to do a few steps first.

Install latest version:

The inflatableoffice WP plug-in must be at least version 2. If it

isn't, manually update it as follows:

1. download

our plug-in

2. disable & delete our plug-in in your WP install

3. install & activate the one you just downloaded. (go to add

plug-in, then click upload)


1. in WP, go to the InflatableOffice basic setup settings and

enter your IO username

2. Then go here to test: yourwebsite.com/io_quoteform/

3. If it works fine let us know and I'll turn on the redirecting

of your old forms to the new ones.

Video of Installation: