K&D Moonwalks 36 Barker st Dartmouth, MA, 02747
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Deliveries Occur 7am-12pm and
Pick-ups Start at 7pm.
  • Balloon Castle

    15 x 15
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  • Castle Bouncer

    13x 13
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  • Coffee Maker

    100 Cup Coffee Maker 

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  • Dolphin Waterslide

    Wet or Dry Width-8ft Height-18ft Length- 28 ft
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  • Frozen Combo

    Frozen with slide 20L x 20W
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  • Frozen Jumper

    Frozen Jumper 12w x 12L
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  • Mickey club house

    Mickey Club house 12L x 12W
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  • Module 15 x 18 with slide

    15 x 18 Module with slide
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    8W X8H X30L
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  • Slip & Slide

    Two lane water slide
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  • Tropical Water Slide

    Tropical Water Slide 20 x 15
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  • Water slide

    Blue & White Tidal Wave Waterslide with pool in the bottom 20 x 15
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  • Dunk Tank

    dunk tank
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  • Princess Combo

    Dry Combo with slide 20 x 20
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  • Cars Combo

    Dry Combo with slide, basketball hoop, and bouncer 20 x20
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  • Module Combo

    Combo with slide with Banner of choice 20 x 20
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  • Jumbo Combo

    Dry Combo with outside slide , basketball hoop and bouncer 32 L x 20w add an obstacle course 50 ft Length with obstacle course
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  • Red Castle

    Red, White, and Blue Castle 13 x 13
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  • Princess Castle

    Princess Castle 13 x 13
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  • Modular Bouncer

    Bouncer with Banner 15x 15
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  • Pop Corn Machine

    Pop Corn Machine
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  • Sno Cone Machine

    Sno Cone Machine
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  • PA System

    PA System can also be connected to a source for a DJ System.
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