Tom Slonaker shared this problem 13 months ago

Our last question on the survey reads: Review us on Google.

Customers are not recognizing this as a link to our Google Business page to complete a Google review for a discount and even though we advise them in advance, they complete the survey without completing the review. This requires follow-up on our part to encourage it.

I do not have the survey review question linked to our testimonials on our website. Can it be? If not, I would prefer to eliminate it there because it would be basically a duplicate of the more important review that I am encouraging them to complete on our business page.

I would like this "Review us on Google" to be more explanatory by saying something like, " Here is the link to take you to our Google business page so you may earn the Loyalty Customer Discount with your candid review of your experience with SuperFun Attractions."

Also, when I was trying to edit the survey myself, I noticed two links in the sytem to send the review, HTML and text, and apparently ours is text and does not contain the graphics that surround the templates you use with images and logos. Is that possible to add to my survey to dress it up a bit?

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I've made it more clear for you. The link looks like the image below now.



I did notice that Tim, and thank you very much!