My tent prices are linked to my bounce house prices. I don't recall linking them and do not want th

Corey Whisnant shared this problem 19 months ago

Iddklsjka;jkadkklklI can't see if i'm typing a messsage. I do not want my tent prices linked to my bounce house prics. I do not recall linking them.

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This can accidentally happen in a couple of different ways...but when you come across an item that has this issue, press edit, under pricing click on "show advanced pricing". There will be a drop down box under "Monday". I noticed on your Pink and Purple Castle it shows a tent pricing here (see screen shots) Within this drop down box press "add new". Here you can fix this pricing so the Pink and Purple Castle has it's own price and isn't sharing with the tent. If this castle is using the same pricing as a different bounce house--you can also choose that pricing instead in the drop down box--Just remember, if you have items sharing prices when you change one both will change.