Corey Whisnant shared this problem 17 months ago

I added three zip codes that I wanted to restrict auto booking on. Since I added them yesterday all of a sudden its applied to other leads that normally allowed auto booking but charged a distance fee. How do I fix this? I still want the customer to be able to autobook but have the distance charges.

I do not want customers in those three zipcodes that I added to be able to auto book because those zipcodes include most of the Public Housing and Housing Authority apartments in our city and require more paperwork than we are willing to provide on short notice bookings.

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The way this feature works is it will restrict the zip codes that are not included in the Zipcode tab and anyone in the Zipcode tab will be allowed to book. When restricting by zip code you cannot use the Distance or Per Mile charge, you can add a flat fee for the zip codes you would like to deliver too. Let me know if you have any other questions.