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Greg Harkins shared this question 4 years ago

Is there or could there be a way to add a field to the CRM Tab so when a task is completed we could add WHO completed that task incase who it was assigned to didn't complete it and also a field as to what they did to complete it or where they are in the progress of handling the task.

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It seems to me like a new feature that added a line in the CRM tab similar to adding a "journal" like would make sense. We'll have to think about this some more to try to make the solution elegant but give the tool enough functionality so that it's useful for you. Feel free to respond here with specific examples of what you or a worker would do, why they would do this, and why it would be important to have it in the software. This will help us understand your needs a bit more, and by knowing your needs we may come up with a way for the software to solve it, but perhaps in a way you didn't envision at first.


Yes ...

I like the journal idea and have it capture who's ID marked it and maybe a when the status is changed give a pop up window to allow the user to enter notes etc. That would make it automatic and allow the software to do the prompting of the user..

I feel that if you don't put something in their face, they would not complete the task as needed to fill the notes in.

You might even want to have an option to allow the admin to turn on and off this pop up feature.

I just think its important to capture who did the task, who completed the task and what they did or didn't do with the client to solve the issue.