Automatic email send with specific rental item booking?

Jonathan Belgrave shared this question 4 years ago

Is there a way to have an email template be automatically sent to a customer upon confirming a booking for a specific rental item? For example: If a customer rents a machine with operational instructions, the instructions are emailed to them via a template once they have paid and signed for the unit.

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Their is a way to do this, but it's not a specific template as much as putting "conditional text" in the existing Event Reminder email.

Each rental has a field in it's Advanced Features area called "operator instructions." Then you can put a template variable that will print out this text into the email template, *rentaloperateinst*. The field itself in the rental is just a plain text field.

Their's no bolding of the text or line spacing/line returns, but HTML can be used in this box to allow for that. You can use free tools online to create the html for formatted text, like this one: